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Bourbon Street-Cajun Chop House Restaurant

There’s no doubting that New Orleans is home to a culture and atmosphere unlike any other. Bourbon Street is the inspiration for the name of this Caribbean eatery, which serves up all the best dishes associated with the famous street in New Orleans.


Gumbo, shrimp and grits, crab cakes, and all the other traditional Cajun fare for which Louisiana is famous may be found here.

A well-known bar and grill, Bourbon Street Cajun Restaurant is known for its authentic Cajun fare. This establishment serves food that meets the “fine dining” standard, so you can expect expert plating from their chefs.


Inside the main building of Ahnvee Resort is where you’ll find the resort’s restaurant.

The nearby Museo De La Comunidad Judaica De Sosa is only one of several interesting attractions that can be visited in conjunction with a meal at the restaurant.

Alicia Beach, the nearest beach, is another option for those who want to taste something other than the local cuisine while they’re here.

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Travelers from all over the world agree that variety is an absolute must when choosing a destination. Visitors are impressed by the abundance of both quick-service and sit-down eateries in the area, which include fare ranging from the conventional to the outlandish.

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Location:  Calle Pedro Clisante, Sosua, the Dominican Republic


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