Penthouse Suite

When You Crave More Space

Our Penthouse Suites all have 78.78 m2 or 850 sq. ft. of living space on two floors.  Each unit has a dining area that flows into a living room on the first floor with a deep-cushioned sofa, flat-screen television, and air conditioner.

Upstairs is a private bedroom with our signature king-size bed, complemented by a sunken custom Jacuzzi on a raised deck that overlooks the entire property from the highest vantage point.  

The biggest and best-equipped suites on the site are these ones. A popular resort for cosmopolitan and wealthy tourists is AHNVEE RESORT & SPORTS. Our contemporary designs appeal to guests from the Caribbean, North America, and Europe who are used to staying in luxurious hotels.


A luxurious room design from Europe inspired the layout of the Penthouse Room.

In 5-star hotels around Europe, our “open bathroom” design gives each bedroom suite a spacious, serene feeling day and night.

The Deluxe Suites, Pool Suites, and Penthouse Suites are the three suite collections. Suites are furnished with luxurious imported sofas, chairs, and bedding in addition to built-in bars of various sizes. In addition to our collection of suites,

Room Amenities: Each room has a sitting space, a closet, a high-speed internet connection, a smart TV, and an individual controllable air conditioner.

Hotel Amenities: Wi-Fi, laundry, air conditioning, a pool with a bar, security, a safe, and a lock box are all available in the reception area.

Guest Services: The front desk is open 24 hours a day, as is the security system.